"Okay, but why did you have to say it like that?"


- Cancerians (zodiacsociety)

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"can men and women really be just friends??" straight people are so weird

It is a fact that bisexuals can’t make friends. There is only prey.

*makes raptor noises*


we are coming

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Nothing makes you feel more adult than matching bra and panty sets.

Fuckin’ LOVE that feeling!

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  • charleythehouseplantMay I ask if there was a particular reason why you're catholic (as opposed to Lutherian or something) or if that was just the way it turned out?
  • notbecauseofvictories

    Well, it’s partly inherited—I’m an Irish Catholic from a long line of Irish Catholics, and there’s a part of my world that doesn’t make sense without Sunday mass and homilies and the smell of incense. The church calendar orders my world; I know my extended family through a succession of white dresses and suits (baptisms, first communions, weddings). It’s so strange to me that there are people who don’t get homesick at summer camp and pray the rosary, because they might not have their mom with them, but they can cry to Mary and she’ll listen.

    (that’s not a judgement, I’m not saying it’s better it’s just one of those things where—I don’t know what else could fit in that space)

    And the other part is—I love the stupid religion. Despite all the dark history, the Vatican politics, the list of sins it’s racked up over the centuries—despite everything, I genuinely, really love my church. I love its its history, early church fathers struggling to figure out this strange Hellenistic Messianic Judaism thing, with desert prophets making miracles; the church of Constantinople, glittering on the crown of the Mediterranean; the church of medieval Rome, clinging to power by its teeth and the marriage of dying Italian families to invading barbarians, with monks in brown robes sailing to rocky islands where they can make golden manuscripts. I love the high church, cathedrals and grey rows of saints, with long faces and long fingers held up in chi-ro. Renaissance art and nuns writing books when women were supposed to be seen and not heard; ecstatic visions and universities and soup kitchens and schools and people saying prayers, humbling themselves, thinking about the world and serving and leading revolutions and protesting and—

    I love the fact that every Sunday, I go and do and say almost the exact same thing that has been done and said for two thousand years. An unbroken line back to the apostles, of people both terrible and saintly but mostly just people.

    I love the Bible. It’s a strange and sprawling thing, ugly and magnificent, heavy with thousands of years of scholarship and hope. I love the theology of my church, that talks about sin and heaven and bread and emptying yourself to be filled with God, that lifts up Mary and the weak, and the humble; that admits a humanity so fallible enough to fall from grace, but still possessing enough of it to reach for the perfection we sense within ourselves. Redeemable. And given a redeemer.

    It is a very human thing, for me, a thing that spans the universe and lives in my cardiac muscle and—no, there isn’t a particular reason I’m Catholic, it’s the reason for everything else.

  • What's "Anxiety" in the Speech?



    I love how this is the most non “UHH CUZ JESUS” explanation for Christianity I’ve ever read, I can definitely tell this person isn’t from the Midwest/south

    Kentucky, actually. Though I’m currently living and working in Illinois. And you can find my “UHH CUZ JESUS” posts here, here, here, and hereHere I talk about how I get drunk and cry about the resurrection, it’s a good read.

    not to quote scripture, but as the good Lord said, “when you assume, you make an ass out of u and me”

    I love seeing these sorts of heartfelt posts about people’s relationships with their religions. I grew up Catholic, and I still have a lot of respect for the scholarship and history that goes into the Church, and I get genuinely angry when people butcher Church history. (If you’re gonna hate something, hate it for its truth, not for a defamatory lie.)

    I also genuinely hate it when people don’t understand what it is they believe or why they believe it. “UHH CUZ JESUS” answers come from a lack of consideration and understanding of one’s faith and I would argue that faith without understanding or connection is not actually faith, just conformity.

    So, OP, I love your passion for your faith and I respect it greatly. Even as someone who left the Church for the arms of a Goddess, I genuinely hope that I can carry the same kind of love and passion for my faith that you obviously do.

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Roughly as weird as “my best friend is dating my roommate?”

Yes, probably. ‘Course, you were the one who moved in with the guy who wanted to date me. ~.^ And are you really gonna say this is a bad thing? We just need to find you someone now so that the whole group can go out and you don’t feel all left out and 5th wheel.

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Some beautiful human being set a bunch of Pusheen animations to LMFAO’S “Sexy and I Know It,” and it has made my day 100x better.

X3 X3 X3

This is the only appropriate use for that song.


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Do you have any idea how strange it is to say the words “my boyfriend” again, even to myself? 

Because it’s pretty weird. But in a good way. 

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This is for an assignment that is due tomorrow.

Reblog if you think that Harry Potter should NOT be on the banned books list because it features Magic, sets bad examples, and because of dark themes. 


Reblog if you think the Twilight series should be banned because it features rape culture, glorifies abusive relationships, and is just a horrible book series overall.


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Maybe if more people would treat the mentally ill like people instead of an infection more people would seek treatment.

Every time I’ve went to treatment they’ve made me feel more of a burden instead of a patient (via cats-tats-recovery)
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